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My history as a craftsman

  I have been very fortunate to be a successful knifemaker, engraver, gold and silversmith since the early 70's. My work has been featured in many books and magazines and have won many awards for my work through the years.  I am well known for my California gold rush period style work, San Francisco dress knives, canes and my native gold (Gold Quartz work) in Gold or Silver mounted knives, canes and Jewelry work. I have seen, handled and or restored many original pieces from the Gold rush period, from both collectors and dealers and am considered one of a few experts in the field on original California pieces.

I attend a few select knife and/or gun shows a year, I'm always at the Antique Arms show in Las Vegas in January, in the knife or Firearms Engravers Guild sections of the show. I have been and will be at the Plaza Cutlery "California Custom Knife Show" in Garden Grove, Orange County since it began in 1981. It was at this show Dan's Son Bryan, began calling me "lil city" a fun nickname.  

Engraving, Knifemaking as well as Gold\Silver work

I can make all types of knives but do specialize in early California gold quartz knives.  I do hand engraving on knives, guns, canes, and also make jewelry! This also enables me to do some gold and silver smithing on the pieces I work on so each piece is a "one of a kind". 

Contact information:

Phone:  209-295-7819

Email:  sierrajs@volcano.net

I am located in California which is the Pacific Time zone